Registration for the 2023/2024 school year is CLOSED!

Please contact the board at if you need information or to be added to the email list.


After much stress and debate, we have decided we should look for an alternate location to host our co-op, but we have yet to locate that place. Due to this co-op and registration will look a little different this year.

We have decided to go ahead and start our co-op year on September 1 with field trips! Each week we will have a field trip planned for Friday if at all possible (obviously some of this is determined by availability of locations). We are also doing our best to keep these within an hour of Moberly.

During this time, we will continue to hunt for a good location where we can comfortably hold classes. Once we have found this facility, we will determine how to proceed with classes.

Since we do not know the location yet, we also cannot confirm the total fees for the year. Registration for the field trip portion will be $50 which will be applied to the total once we know what that will be. This will also enable us to have a participant number to keep our insurance current. Once we have a location, we will proceed with registration for classes.

If for some reason you cannot participate in the class portion once the location is determined then you will not be responsible for any more fees and can discontinue your participation. Since we are basing insurance on those registered for field trips, if you do not register for the field trip portion, we cannot guarantee you will have a spot to participate in classes.

To register for this initial field trip portion please fill out this online form:

Family Registration Form (This is the online version)

After registering you will receive an email invoice.

Registration is due August 25th!

Late forms will not be accepted, and fees must be made by the first day of class unless other arrangements have been made. You will also need to turn in a Parent Agreement the first day. 

Parent Agreement

Below you can see what we are expecting for classes once we can register for classes!

View Current Class Listings here: Class Schedule