It’s that time again! Time to register for co-op.

Hopefully you have already signed up for the class you want to teach, and now it is time to sign your kids up for their classes.

Before we get to registration though, I want to welcome Amanda Swindell to the board. Unfortunately, both Lorri and Kimberly decided their families needed a break from board duties. We are sad to see them go, but I am confident our current board can maintain the co-op we know.

Current board members are Ericka Price, Amanda Swindell, and me, Ashley Moore.

I also want to note a couple changes this year just so there will be no confusion when you register; I hope.

First, as you know last year we had to add insurance. Between the insurance and various class fees our treasurer found herself a little overwhelmed. To prevent this in the future we are trying a flat fee system. Family fees this year will be $150 per family per year. This includes insurance and all classes (even theater.) Although this may seem like a large jump it still keeps co-op under $7 a week for a single child family!

We also found maintaining a bank account under the name MMCHC was going to be a bit more effort than we wanted, so we are going back to using a personal account. Checks this year need to be made out to Ericka Price.

Aside from that most things will be the same. Head here to register, and I look forward to seeing you in August!

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