A few weeks ago you were sent a survey link in regards to several aspects of co-op. Not everyone participating, but of those that did participate we definitely see some trends that I would like to summarize for you.

Time of Co-op

First, we wondered about the day and time of co-op. It was placed on Thursday afternoon, so those coming from out of town did not have to make 2 trips for co-op and PE.

Most of those responding seem happy with Thursday afternoon, and of those who had a preference the most common time was for Friday morning. We may look into Friday morning, so if you are planning to attend, please tell us if this time will NOT work for you.

Background Checks

Next we brought up the issue of background checks. As our co-op continues to grow, there continues to be more people we are not familiar with. While background checks have limited use and would not remove the responsibility of being aware of our surroundings, an astonishing majority are in favor of them. Should we implement background checks it will be for the person bringing the children to co-op. Therefore no substitutions in guardians will be able to be made. We are currently looking into cost and options.

“School” Pictures

Our next question was a fundraiser idea we had come up with. We were considering taking the children’s photos like they would at school, and allowing parents to purchase good quality (not WalMart) prints at reasonable prices. This would be entirely optional, and it looks like several would like this opportunity.

Classes and Teaching

The next two questions pertained to classes for next year. The co-op was intended to allow us to spread out some of the teaching responsibilities as we are all busy. Since this has not been happening, we are implementing a new requirement for co-op, where all parents (who attend and have background checks) will be required to teach at least one class. This includes being in charge of the nursery or toddlers as well as preschool and the older classes. As a result we asked for class ideas as well as what you might like to teach. In the forums, you will find a discussion post that summarizes what people are interested in learning. Please take a look and comment if you see something you want to teach!


Theatre was the next topic mainly to see if anyone had ideas that Bonnie hadn’t already thought of. These ideas were passed on to her, and we await her decision on the next production!


The last few questions were in regards to PE. Currently, PE is Thursday mornings due to the schedule of the YMCA; this may be able to be changed, but I am not sure what their schedule looks like next year.

Also, we are currently responsible for teaching as the Y has not had a teacher available. Please let Lorri know if there is something you would like to teach!

There is a small fee that the Y receives for allowing us use of the facilities, but it really is a super good deal. Some would like to see more free options while a few would like PE included with co-op. While, I don’t see a way to combine with co-op at this point we will remember this for the future. Some free options are out there, if anyone wants to lead outdoor sports in the warmer months.

Currently, it seems many who participate currently are happy with the set up though.

Looking Forward

As we start planning for the 2018/ 2019 school year we look forward to making positive changes that allow the kids to come together and learn in an orderly and safe environment. We are all taking time out of our schedules to make this happen, and the effort put forth by each of you is appreciated.

Since some of our members do not use Facebook and some of the Facebook group is not in the co-op, this website will function for announcements. Please be sure to subscribe to updates or bookmark it in some form. Sign up for the user forums, so you can get involved too!

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